Swimming 100km in a week!

Join in the challenge as we try to achieve 100km of swimming this week. Every swim counts, it doesn’t have to be far. You can swim in a sea pool, your own pool, a paddling pool with a bungee, or in the open water if you’re experienced in that environment Find our club on Strava and upload your swims to help us swim 100km this week!

Weekly challenges and targets help us all to stay motivated. Often swimming can be a solitary sport, but behind every great swimmer is an even greater team. From your teammates, your coach to your family and friends, there are a host of incredible people on this journey with you. Team challenges help us all to realise how much we need our clubs and teammates. You might be lacking motivation today, but every extra metre you swim will help your team achieve the target of swimming 100km.

To take part you will need to join our club on Strava so we can log all of your efforts and countdown our Km timer from 100 to 0! Joining us on Strava is free, you can download the app without charge and find us by searching for clubs. It works with most tracking devices and our regular swimmers spend a lot of time competing on it!

We have open water sessions running most days this week and you can find our timetable here

If you can’t find your goggles, we can help you with that too! We have a few pairs for sale in our small shop

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