Rough Water Challenge Series – Week 2

Rough Water Challenge Series 2020 Week 2 challenges
Week 2 with new swim challenges!

We’re swimming hard towards week 2 of our Rough Water Challenge Series!

Week 2 of September swimming challenge series presents new challenge swims of either a 3km or 1km. You can also continue working towards your 15km or 30km total distance swimming challenges.

Week 1 challenge swimmers, you have until Thursday to post your timed 1km swim times and it’s been great to see so many of you completing that first challenge!

Every challenge you complete earns you a personalised e-certificate and you will also earn specific challenge rosettes plus event merchandise with the more challenges you complete.

The T-shirt is the most coveted item and is strictly limited to swimmers that complete 3 challenges!

Rough Water Challenge Series coveted series T-shirt for swimmers completing 3 events
The coveted Challenge Series T-shirt for swimmers completing 3 challenges!

Event swimming caps are your reward for the first successful challenge and you’ll earn your Rough Water Challenge Series medal when you complete 2 challenges! Join in the fun by clicking this link

What do you need to know?

If you haven’t heard about our September swim challenge series then you will find more information in this post

Do you have to swim in open water?

No! We are an open water school and advocate safety at all times. If you are an experienced open water swimmer then please feel free to complete your challenges in your preferred, familiar open water venue. For beginner open water swimmers please use a swimming pool, sea pool or other lifeguarded venue for your challenge swims. You could also join in with our escorted swims which are in open water, timed over the challenge distance and include full safety cover. These sessions are running throughout the challenge series from Westward Ho beach in North Devon. You can book these sessions on our booking system:

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