Rough Water Challenge Series

The Rough Water Challenge Series is our school event held 3 times a year. It is open to all swimmers as we have partnered with Let’s Do This to enable us to welcome swimmers from all over the world to take part. It’s your opportunity to participate in some friendly competition and challenges that keep you swimming for a whole month! The swim challenges change each week to push you to swim a bit further, perhaps faster and overall to get fitter. We reward you every step of the way with fantastic series merchandise, each successful challenge completed earns you a prize. Plus there are amazing spot prizes from swimming gurus TYR.

The Rough Water Challenge Series runs throughout September 2020. Hosted by the Surf Swim School
Join in with weekly challenges, engage in some friendly competition and push yourself to swim further and faster!


The Rough Water Challenge Series was created by our Head Open Water Coach and Safety Lead as a way to encourage our swimmers, no matter where you are on your open water or swimming journey to achieve something great! The key difference between this series and other open water events is that the idea is for you to keep swimming for a whole month! The challenges vary from week to week and there’s something for every level of swimmer from casual dippers, beginners to advanced endurance swimmers. You earn rewards by sticking with the series, participating in something each week then looking back over your month and realising what you have achieved!

Celebrate your Rough Water Challenge Series achievements with a fantastic range of series rewards, each bespoke to the challenge you complete
Rosettes, medals, event T-shirts, branded merchandise…there are plenty of rewards to celebrate your swimming achievements throughout the series

Series Schedule

Swim a bit further each week, swim more throughout the month than you’ve done before. Try a new distance… each challenge you complete earns you another reward! If you enter the total distance challenges then every swim you do adds up to that magic total.

11km Timed Swim
15km Total Swimming Distance starts
30km Total Swimming Distance starts
21km Timed Swim
3km Timed Swim
15km/30km Total Swimming Distance continues
31km Timed Swim
5km Timed Swim
15km/30km Total Swimming Distance continues
41km Timed Swim
10km Timed Swim
15km/30km Total Swimming Distance continues
There’s something each week to challenge you, have a go at something you haven’t done before
The Rough Water Challenge Series pushes you each week to keep swimming!
Just keep swimming…safely in the open water or use a swimming pool. Just keep working hard right to the finish


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Rough Water Challenge SeriesDatesSign Up
Autumn1/9/20 – 3/10/20Register
Winter (cold water series)2021More Info
Summer2021More Info

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