Anti-fog Spray

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  • Simple process – spray, rinse, wipe
  • Coats your lenses
  • Lasting anti-fog solution for swimming goggles
  • Can be used for pool and open water swimming goggles

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TYR have specifically formulated an anti-fog spray solution to help keep your goggles and eyeglasses clean and fog free.

Simply spray on any goggle, mask, or eyeglass lens, rinse with cold water and wipe clean.  The Anti-Fog Spray instantaneously cleans and coats your lens surface.

Ingredients: Water, Isopropyl Alchol, and Detergent (.5 oz.)

Your goggles will start fogging up because your face (inside the goggles) is warmer than the area outside of the goggles. So, the water. condensation creates fog that is a considerable annoyance for swimmers in the middle of training or, even worse, a race.

This is an issue as old as goggles, and stories have been passed around the triathlon and swimming circles on how exactly to combat this nuisance. Some swimmers recommend saliva, by simply rubbing a layer of saliva around the lenses it can help to keep your goggles fog free for a short time.

But, with goggles being something swimmers really can’t do without, many manufacturers have started developing specialist treatments for your goggles to provide a longer-term solution to the fogging problem.

This anti-fog spray by TYR not only helps coat the lenses with an anti-fog solution, it also cleans them for you. Clean lenses are also helpful when sighting in open water! As an added bonus, you can use this cleaner on your normal spectacles as well as your goggles (but please check with your optician  before use if you have special coatings on your prescription glasses).


You can find out more about TYR’s extensive history with the sport of swimming and their evolution within open water swimming by clicking here

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