Neoprene Swim Cap by Orca

£19.99 inc VAT

  • 100% Neoprene
  • Chin Strap to hold the hat in place
  • High visibility styling to keep you visible while swimming in open water
  • Pair with your wetsuit, socks and a heatseeker vest or liner to stay warm in the cooler water temperatures


Neoprene Swim Cap

In cooler waters you may want something more than your usual silicone swimming cap so this neoprene swim cap by Orca will help keep you warmer and visible.

Made from 100% neoprene this swimming cap is available in two sizes to ensure a snug fit and it comes with a built-in chin strap to help keep the cap in place while you swim.

The increased warmth provided by the swim cap may help you to swim for longer in colder water temperatures. The hi-vis styling will certainly help to ensure you are visible to other water users while you are in the open water.

Surf Swim School Verdict:

We love the styling of this swim cap as it certainly helps to keep you visible! If you are not used to wearing a neoprene swim cap, the first thing you may notice is the tendency for water to ‘swoosh’ around your ears as it seeps underneath the chin strap. We like that this cap is available in two sizes and encourage you to try and get a snug, but not uncomfortable, fit and seek to eliminate any air pockets that could fill with water as you are swimming,

We also encourage our swimmers to keep wearing their silicone cap underneath their neoprene one for additional warmth and also to try and minimise any irritation caused by the neoprene cap moving. Neoprene caps do fit differently to a traditional swimming hat since they are not as flexible and also thicker so swimmers with longer hair may need to ‘play around’ with hairstyles under the cap to try and find a way to tuck your hair so that the swim cap to sits flat at the nape of the neck.

Additional information:

If you are new to open water swimming and particularly cold water swimming, you might find this article written by our Head Coach a useful read.

For some great advice about safety in the open water, this article written by USMS is worth browsing before you head out for your. winter swims.

We are an open water swimming school and have regular open water training, including winter swimming sessions, every week in North Devon. Please click here to be taken to our timetable

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