NEW TYR CAT 5 women’s open water wetsuit

£740.00 inc VAT

Product features:

  • 44 Cell Yamamoto Nano SCS Neoprene
  • Range of motion zones
  • Speed wrap panelling
  • Quick release ankle cuffs
  • Form-fitting wrist cuffs
  • Elevation panels
  • Core stabilisation
  • Antimicrobial lining
  • Neoprene thickness:
    • 4mm on legs, chest and abdomen
    • 3mm on lower abdomen and lower back
    • 2mm on back
    • 1.5mm on neck, arms and shoulders
    • 1mm under the arms


The All New Category 5 Women’s Open Water Wetsuit combines a range of advanced features to provide unrivalled comfort, optimum stability, speed and energy efficiency in the water. Designed for elite triathletes and serious open water swimmers, this top of the range swimming wetsuit showcases 100% Yamamoto 44 Cell Nano SCS Coated Neoprene exterior to provide unsurpassed buoyancy in the water.

With Free R.O.M. (Range of Motion) Zones for comfort, the  CAT 5 women’s open water wetsuit eliminates constriction, allowing the swimmer to achieve a long reach without placing strain on the shoulder, while Formfitting Wrist Cuffs keep water from entering the suit. For elite triathletes there are Quick Release Ankle Cuffs which allow for quick and effortless removal during T1 and strategic Speed Wrap Paneling placed throughout the leg, chest and core that give you the feeling of a second skin, while maximising body position and minimising drag.

Elevation panels in the chest, core, obliques, buttocks and thighs elevate the swimmer’s position in the water, ensuring optimal body positioning, buoyancy and speed, while muscle groups are specifically targeted for core stabilization and long-term preservation of core strength. Alpha Catch Panels are strategically engineered on the forearm to allow for a maximized catch-and-release stroke. An insulated, thinner layer lies underneath to allow a feel for the water.

Antimicrobial lining provides superior odor protection and long lasting freshness.

All TYR Hurricane wetsuits are WTC (Ironman) / USAT legal

If you live in North Devon you are welcome to arrange a demo and fitting appointment by contacting us. We also have a range of wetsuits available for weekly rental so you can thoroughly try the suit before you commit to an order. Please contact us for further details

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