Orca Openwater CORE TRN *NEW 2021

£159.99 inc VAT

  • Neutral buoyancy
  • 39 Cell Yamamoto Neoprene
  • Infinity skin 2 lining
  • Orca Zero Chafing lining in the neck to reduce friction and likelihood of chafing
  • Ultimate Seal Collar


Orca Openwater Core TRN wetsuit

The Orca Openwater Core TRN is the perfect wetsuit for swimmers who are looking for high flexibility and neutral buoyancy. The high flexibility in the shoulders makes your swims in the open water wonderfully comfortable, while the buoyancy will not alter your swimming position. This means it is also suitable for breaststrokers!


For more flexibility in all phases of the swim stroke, Yamamoto 39 neoprene is used together with Infinity skin 2 high-end lining. This material requires between 45% and 35% less force to stretch than conventional neoprene.

The Yamamoto 39 technology is also in the torso to ensure sufficient thermal insulation your open water swims. The 3 mm thickness ensures 77% more protection than if you did not wear a wetsuit. This material also gives the Openwater Core TRN an ideal neutral buoyancy to the wetsuit.

One of the new developments seen on this wetsuit is a special lining in the neck area that reduces friction and the likelihood of chafing. The material is soft to the touch and has been tested by Orca to provide better contact with the skin. The combination of laser cutting on the neck and the inverse Velcro further reduces friction, helping to prevent any abrasion on the skin.

Surf Swim School Head Coach Verdict:

I love this wetsuit! It is a great price for a neutral buoyancy open water wetsuit. Previously I would put swimmers in an Orca Equip but this new Core TRN is, in my opinion, better for the open water swimmer.

It has great flexibility and because it is a neutral buoyancy it is also suitable for swimmers that may like to swim breaststroke. Typically open water wetsuits contain additional buoyancy in the legs, a neutral buoyancy wetsuit will not have this leg lift so it doesn’t interfere with your stroke at all.

I tested this wetsuit in 6 degree water and air temperature of 9 degrees and I was really pleased with how easy it was to get the wetsuit on and, sometimes more importantly, off! The neck was really comfortable and I didn’t have any tell-tale rub marks afterwards.

If you have owned or swam in an Orca Equip before this will probably feel very similar but a bit warmer and slightly longer in the legs and arms as it’s designed for swimming rather than triathlons and quick transitions!

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