Orca Heatseeker Vest

£44.99 inc VAT

  • 2mm open cell neoprene
  • Orca design and fit
  • Helps keep you warm for cooler water/weather conditions
  • Thermal base layer


Orca Heatseeker Vest

The latest generation Orca Heatseeker Vest is a thermal base layer designed to be worn under a wetsuit in cold water to increase your warmth in the water. It can provide an additional barrier against wind chill in any type of outdoor water sports. This thermal vest will be a valuable addition to any open water swimming enthusiasts’ gear bag

The increased warmth and wind chill protection of this vest allow you to enjoy a longer swim and it sits comfortably under your wetsuit. For skins swimmers looking for a little something to take the chill off the cooler water temperatures, this vest will sit on top of your swimsuit and give you a little insulation from the cold.

It has a longer body so you can pull the vest down to your hips and ensure your core and lower back are covered.

Material: 100% 2mm open cell Neoprene

Please refer to this unisex size chart to choose the right size for you

If you are new to swimming in colder water temperatures then you may find this article written by our Head Open Water Coach a useful read.

If you have any questions about this, or any other product in our shop, please get in touch and we will do our best to offer advice and help!



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