Pull Buoy – Orca

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  • Develop upper-body and core strength
  • Use in different positions to vary your workout
  • Simulates the flotation received from swimming in a wetsuit
  • Larger pull buoy with greater flotation

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Orca Pull Buoy

If you’re looking to gain a better sense of balance in the water while increasing upper-body strength. This pull buoy promotes streamlined body position and allows specific upper-body and core-strengthening workouts.

Pull buoys are exceptional training devices for swimmers, and in some cases, they are also good for certain types of physical rehabilitation.

100% EVA

Surf Swim School Verdict:

Pull buoys are a staple of most swimmers’ training bags. You simply place the buoy between your legs and hold it there as you swim. As you swim, you’ll feel the buoy keeping your legs from sinking and dragging in the water behind you.

With the buoy, you can just use your arms for forward motion in the water. By omitting assistance from your legs, you’re isolating the muscles in your upper body, forcing your arms to do almost all of the work of propulsion.

Placing the buoy in different positions – between your thigh or ankles will vary your workout. This product is larger than some pull buoys on the market and does give you more flotation, it will simulate, to some degree, swimming with your wetsuit on.

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