Safety Buoy by Orca

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  • Watertight compartment for storing your valuables while you swim
  • Adjustable waist strap so it doesn’t limit your swimming performance or style
  • High visibility in neon orange to help other water users spot you

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This open water swimming safety buoy by Orca is brightly coloured in neon orange to help lifeguards and other water users spot you easily. It is also a safety buoy that allows you to carry your things and keep them dry while you are swimming. In addition, there is also a handy external pocket so that you can store essential nutrition for easy access while you are swimming in the open water or triathlon training.

A lot of open water swimming events require you to swim with a safety buoy so you can be easily spotted.

Please always remember that safety buoys are not rescue devices and this product is not intended to be used as a life preserver or life saving device.

Open water swimming is a dangerous sport and should never be attempted alone. For more advice on how to safely approach open water swimming please refer to this article. We strongly advise you to seek instruction from qualified professionals, we regularly run open water training and a link to our timetable is here.



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