Swim Gloves by TYR

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  • 100% Neoprene
  • 0.5mm Neoprene so you can still feel the water
  • Webbed design to help your catch in the colder water
  • Sleek fit to reduce bulk in the water and under a wetsuit


Execute every stroke in our Neoprene Swim Gloves.

Built for controlled movement in the water, the webbed design of these swim gloves strategically conforms to the shape of the hand. With a durable construction, every pair provides open water and triathlon swimmers with the insulation needed for cold water swims.

To find the correct size, measure the width of your palm (horizontally).

  • Size Small: Accommodates 7-9cm
  • Size Large: Accommodates 9-10.5cm

TYR Fabrication: 100% Neoprene (.5 mm)

Surf Swim School Verdict:

Sometimes swim gloves and winter accessories can be so thick you can’t feel the water, that is not the case with these swim gloves. They have been cleverly engineered to protect you from the cold without losing the feel of the water. These swim gloves have webbed fingers which help improve your catch and we found them really nice to swim in. They have a shorter cuff than some brands but the cuff fits snugly and we managed to slip the cuff under the wrist of our wetsuit without any problems. Our Head Coach is a passionate skins and ice swimmer so she tried these gloves as a skins swimmer and really liked them, they provide just enough coverage so she could keep swimming for a bit longer before getting cold hands. As a school, we really like these gloves as do a number our swimmers and our Head Coach! The team like them for being thin, a good fit, keep the ability to feel the water, the webbed fingers increase stroke performance.

You will find more cold water accessories including swim socks, heat seeker vests, warm wear swim caps and hydro booties on our accessories pages.

If you’re new to swimming in colder water temperatures you might find this article written by our Head Open Water Coach a useful read.

We are an open water swimming school and offer a winter swimming programme including cold water acclimation and skins swimming from October to March. If you are in the North Devon area and would like to come along you will find our timetable here

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